In Music, children at The Orchards have the opportunity to develop a love and understanding of music through a curriculum which is supported by Kapow Primary. Throughout their musical education, the children will cover 5 identified strands which run throughout the schemes of work: performing, listening, composing, the history of music; and inter-related dimensions of music (pulse, pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure, appropriate musical notation). The music curriculum at The Orchards offers a cyclical approach, whereby pupils return to the same skills and knowledge throughout their education which enables them to develop depth in an area, as well as using prior knowledge to support.

Alongside taught music lessons by class teachers, The Orchards also works closely with Severn Arts who provide external music lessons to a targeted year group, with whole class sessions, play on sessions and individual music lessons offered.

An Orchard’s musician will:

  • experience music lessons led by school staff as well as external music teachers as they progress throughout the school.
  • be immersed in music throughout the curriculum, which is adapted to suit the needs of all.
  • Have opportunities to experience a diverse range of music from different eras, genres and cultures, encouraging respect for their peers, community and the world.  

By experiencing a broad music curriculum, our children will flourish and grow, leaving The Orchards feeling proud of their musical achievements. By having opportunities to perform to an audience in both school assemblies and public performances; to participate in focussed music lessons led by school staff and external providers; and being immersed in a wide variety of music, the children will learn vital life skills such as creativity, perseverance and confidence which will help them in their future careers and professions.

Music Road Map

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