The Orchards School is part of the Black Pear Trust, a Multi Academy Trust based in Worcestershire.  The Black Pear Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are the accountable body for the Trust.  Each of its schools has its own Local Governing Body, and a clearly defined scheme of delegation operates between the Board of Trustees and Local Governing Bodies.

Our Local Governing Body plays an important role in supporting the Board of Trustees and providing key elements of local governance for The Orchards School.

The three core roles of Governors on our LGB: 

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school 
  • Hold leaders to account for academic performance and safeguarding procedures in their school 
  • Oversee stakeholder engagement

Our Local Governing Body meets six times each academic year, and Governors also attend events and visit the school between meetings to enable them to develop a clear picture of the quality of provision across the school. School Governors, normally appointed for four years, currently meet six times per year with focus on the school’s vision and development, its curriculum delivery, and the safety and welfare of pupils.  

The Governors operate within the overall policies of the Black Pear Trust, as well as following national government guidelines, to ensure all our pupils flourish and grow.

Kate Joiner is Chair of Governors and can be contacted via the school office:

Governor Attendance 2022-23

Governor Declarations of Interest 2023-24

Black Pear Trust – Trust Board Attendance 2022-23

Black Pear Trust – Trust Board Declarations of Interest 2023-24

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